Serious about Warm-ups

Serious about Warm-ups

If you have ever attended a class at Crossfit Bear, you would instantly realize that we are serious about warm-ups. Bear crawls, inch worms, mountain climbers, walking lunges, you name it. There is an actual reason behind our warm-ups though. They aren’t just something that we do to fill in gaps to make the class an hour long. A quality warm-up has many benefits that we should all know about.

1. Injury Prevention
A proper warm-up can go a long way as it pertains to eliminating and avoiding pesky injuries. Warming-up increases your overall body and muscle temperatures which increase blood flow to the active muscles. Hence, why we LOVE doing good mornings and RDL’s before squatting and dead lifting. Getting blood flow and activation to our hamstrings and posterior chain is crucial for safe lifting.

2. Practice

Warming-up properly can also make you a better, more well-rounded athlete. We do a lot of basic movements such as air squats and PVC deadlifts during our warm-ups. You can go about it in two different ways. Passively perform these movements and just go through the motions, or be active and use this time as practice. The athletes who a reactively working on their form and technique during their warm-ups will continuously grow and build a bigger base for when it comes to the higher level movements and heavier weights.

3. Increase your energy levels and see GAINZ
We have all been there, you come to the gym and you’re already exhausted from your long day at work. You think to yourself, “I just want to get this workout over with, go home, and get in my comfy clothes”. Minutes into your warm-up, you begin to sweat and all of a sudden, you aren’t nearly as tired as you originally were. This is because warming up increases the rate of your energy production. Now a chain reaction occurs. You have more energy to put into your workout, which causes you to work harder. When you work harder, you burn more. When you burn more, you see and feel results! All because you warmed up properly.

-Coach Ryan