Athlete Spot Light -Hope

Athlete Spot Light- Hope

I want to give Hope a shout out, and if you see her give her an extra high five! Hope started with us in March, took a little break in the summer months, but when she returned in September she was fully focused on improving her health.

She started with making it a habit to come to class three times a week and work as hard as she could when she was here. If she didn’t understand a movement she would ask for clarification and then work on the form the entire workout. Soon she started coming 4 days a week and just recently started to work in a 5th day. In that time she has improved her jump rope skills, full range of motion on her wall balls, and all her lifts have improved exponentially. She has made CrossFit Bear a destination through her week and all her improved movements are evidence of that.

Hope decided that working on her fitness was not the only thing she had control over. She could work on her nutrition which really just enables her to make more change in her health. Hope was making some changes on her own but decided to contact Janelle for a more specific plan.

Janelle said, “She’s been super coachable, and was open to making changes and adopting new habits in order to meet her goals.  Also, even though she’s had a few obstacles pop up in her personal and work life she adjusted well, and didn’t let them throw her off track or ruin her positive attitude!  Just proud of the commitment and work she’s put in!”

Way to go Hope!! Keep up the good work!