How to Max out your lift effectively

How to Max out your lift effectively

Tomorrow we will be testing your one rep max in the front squat and shoulder to overhead. To perform a max it is important get a good warm-up and progressively warm-up the weights. Below is a suggested rep scheme for warm up sets.

1×5 @ 50%
1×3 @ 60%
1×2 @ 70%
1×1 @ 80%

We will then ask each athlete to have three lifts in mind. This portion will be your three attempts and we will do it in a competition atmosphere with one person lifting at a time.
1×1 @ 90%
1×1 @ 95%
1×1 @ 100%+ or new PR.

Once you hit your last lift be proud. This is the effort you were capable of today. A couple tips to make your effort smooth are

  1. Visualize your self lifting the weight
  2. Focus on your form and everything we practice in class
  3. Remember to Breathe
  4. Stay tight throughout the lift
  5. Have Fun!


**Saturday’s Events will start at 8am.  With the first heat kicking off at 8:20.  The gym will be open at 7:45am on Saturday.