Bears! Workout Tips.

Bears! Workout Tips. 

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working technique from the shoulder to overhead position through movements like the strict press, push press, push jerk, and split jerk.  They are all useful techniques and all have their place in a CrossFit workout.  Some are better used for specific workouts than others. 

Tomorrows workout the most efficient technique would be a power clean right into a push jerk.  This allows for a quick transition and when done correctly limits complete muscle fatigue.  You are relying on your technique and speed under the bar rather than relying on muscling through the workout.  Technique lasts much longer than muscling through the workout will- which will enable you to move through the work quickly, safely, and efficiently.

The reason we are recommending the power clean into a push jerk technique for cycling the barbell tomorrow is because it is efficient and enables you to move maximum weight.  The split jerk is the best way to move max load from the shoulder to overhead position, however, it is a slower movement and does not bode well for cycling.  Tomorrow’s workout may require a split jerk to be used when the weight gets heavier, so if you feel like a push jerk will be ineffective or will cause you to fail the repetition it will be crucial that you switch techniques into that split jerk positioning.