The Assault Air Runner

The Assault Air Runner

What is it? How do I use it? Why would I use it?

The Assault runner is a self propelled treadmill. It has a slight curve to encourage a more upright running position hitting the balls of your foot at each foot strike. It allows you to speed up and slow down at each individual athletes running ability. Which is more natural than a typical treadmill. I like analogies so here is what I came up with. A traditional treadmill is like driving your car on cruise control, you’re going to run the same speed and you don’t have any obstacles and you do not fatigue. Let’s imagine you are driving your car on cruise control down the high way and then out of no where there is ton of traffic, you would have to quickly turn off cruise control or slam the brakes. That is much like a traditional treadmill, it keeps the same speed and expects you to keep the speed with it. If it starts going too fast and you can’t keep up either your form will break down or you will need to jump to the sides. The assault runner on the other hand will only go as fast as your legs are moving. Now, if you go towards the front of the runner it will be a more aggressive curve that is designed for sprint mechanics and you will go FAST! If you stay back a little you can hold a slower pace or even a walk.

How do I use it?

You start by putting your foot on the track and letting the momentum move you. You can start at a walk or run whatever you feel the most comfortable with. The further up on the track you go the faster you will move. It does take a little bit to get used to the curve and feel of the track. Be patient and start slow.

Why would I use it?

Well there are a couple of reasons to use it.

  1. It will help with your running form when you go back to running on the ground.
  2. It is an easy way to introduce a little bit of running at a time under control.
  3. The Air Runner is easier on your legs than running on a traditional treadmill and/or the ground. You could walk on it and get a great workout.
  4. You look really cool when you are on the runner.
  5. The CrossFit Coach who does the programming makes a workout where everyone has to use a the Air Runner… so you have to use the Air Runner. Smiles.