But I just want to sit…

But I just want to sit..

If you have noticed tomorrow’s workout is 3rds of a 5min AMRAP row, run, ski erg, or bike on a machine.  With a 5min active rest between each cycle.  What do I mean by an active recovery?  I mean you will be jogging or walking the entire 5 minutes.  I know what you are thinking you are just trying to torture us in some weird way and thats why you want us to keep moving.  The answer is yes.  Blog Done. 

No, I’m just kidding- kind of. 

The idea behind the moving during the rest is to teach the body how to adapt and recover quicker during those active rest times.  During the 5minutes on the machine you should be pushing yourself a little bit to get as many calories as you can on whichever machine you choose.  You really want to put your best effort into the machine then when you get off the machine the goal is to get right to the active recovery. 

Active Recovery

The active recovery is actually where we will get the most benefit from the workout. You are teaching your body’s slow twitch fibers how to use lactic acid as fuel and flush out your system.  You are teaching your body how to recover faster and adapt to the change better.  You are building time under tension.  You are learning how to recover better. The goal is not to go the same speed during the AMRAP as you are during the active recovery.  The active recovery should be slower on purpose. 

CrossFit Gears

We are training your CrossFit Gears.  You wouldn’t drive your stick shift car in 5th all the time you would shift when necessary.  In the human body we have to build the different gears and active recovery is one way to train your different gears!