Message from Quinn

Message from Quinn

To hear it first hand. I will be getting shoulder surgery January 3rd which means for a little while Coach Ryan will be covering the 6am & 7am classes and Art, Lamar, Wayne, Courtney and Ashlee will be covering other classes. As soon as I feel like I can effectively coach classes I will be back in action!

What happened? Why did you decide to get surgery? 

The shoulder problems have been an issue for me from years of softball and sub-locating my shoulder when I would dive or slide in games and practice. After college I found CrossFit and managed to strengthen my beat up shoulder with corrective exercises. Then realized I was pretty good at fitness so again became competitive in CrossFit and worked on my weaknesses non-stop in an obsessive way. One day after being told by some of the coaches in the gym maybe I call it a day on trying to walk on my hands I said the one thing everyone says “I’m going to try it one more time, I went so far last time I want to see if I can go further…”. I should have known better -my right arm went out and I landed on my right shoulder. I instantly knew something was wrong. My shoulder was forward and hanging way too low. I dislocated it and needed to go to the ER to get it popped back in. That is where I really injured my shoulder. I was told then at some point you may need surgery but since you live alone in a state thousand of miles away from your family we can not do surgery without knowing you have someone to help you. I rehabbed it on my own and got back to amazing shape with just nagging pain with some exercises.

Why now?

Lindsey and I have worked together for a while and it was a roller coaster. I didn’t want surgery and Lindsey helped me manage pain and get stronger but eventually my left side of my body got tired of over compensating and started to cause other imbalance injuries. That is when after doctor visits and MRI’s I decided it was time. If I want to give my self a chance to get back to what I love doing I need to take the risk with surgery.

Are you scared?

Of course, it’s surgery I have no control of what happens in surgery and I like control. I am scared it won’t get back to the working shape I want it to and that rehab will be slower then I want it to be. With that being said I do have control of the time I put into rehab and my attitude about rehab and plan with the help of the people around me and guidance of Lindsey’s expertise to be successful.


In Summary

In summary, I did not just decide to do surgery I tried about everything else before I finally made this decision because surgery will not be easy and the rehab after will be harder and more exhausting then anything I have done to this point. I always think you should try mobility and rehab before deciding to get surgery. It was over 6 years before I finally decided to get surgery. If you have any questions for me specifically people feel free to ask.