Static Strength

 Static strength is the strength your body recruits when doing holds in certain positions.  Some really common ones we have done before are the hollow hold, plank hold, and handstand hold.  When we start developing strength for higher level gymnastics skills we get into more complex holds such as the dip hold, false-grip hold, and L-sit hold.  Why is this type of strength as important if not more important than the kipping and technique motion?static hold

Static hold positions need to be practiced to develop strength and awareness in those positions.  This will allow better understanding and recruitment of muscles when put into dynamic movements such as kipping handstand pushups, kipping muscle-ups, kipping pull-ups etc.  While the kipping motion is an important aspect of gymnastics, without having the development of tension throughout your core you won’t utilize the tension and strength effectively when engaging in those kipping movements.

The best way to get better at gymnastics is to start with holds.  Can you hold a hollow hold for a minute straight?  Can you hold it for 30 seconds?  Can you do it for each gymnastics movement we listed above?  Can you do it over and over and over again without sacrificing form and duration?  If your answer to any of those questions is no then it’s time to chalk up and get ready to practice some holds!