CrossFit Pyramid

CrossFit Pyramid.

I will go ahead and say it “I love CrossFit”.  I am that person who loves to know all the details about every movement, not to out talk someone in the field, but to educate anyone and everyone as general or specific as they need.  As athletes grow we as coaches push to continue to grow.  In my mind if you’re in the pursuit of excellence in one area of your life why not push for all areas of your life? 

Fancy Tricks 

This is where the pyramid comes into play.  We all love the fancy tricks because once you get them it’s like show and tell when you have the opportunity you want to show it off. While that is fun and important it’s not the most important thing.  The most important part about fitness is not the bar muscle up or handstand push up.  The important part, the impressive part, is having healthy numbers in cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat, bone density, triglycerides, etc.  The part that as you grow old you plan to fix or keep healthy with your habits, not the pills prescribed to you. 

Make it Clear

CrossFit makes this very clear in a number of ways but one of them is the simple CrossFit pyramid.  The most important factor is nutrition, then it’s conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, sport, and during this time always working on flexibility and confidence.  Remember with a weak base your training has nothing to rest on. Focus on nutrition, not to look great but to be healthy for your family Christmas 10 years from today, or 20, 30, 40, and so on.  Be there and be healthy for those who love you.  For more information on nutrition check out our free seminar Saturday at 8am and then join the 800gram challenge to jump start your new healthy habits.