Row, Row, Row your boat!

Row, Row, Row your boat!

Let’s talk about rowing. As you know I love to row. It’s not because I’m 6’3” well mostly not because I’m 6’3”. It was one of the movements that when I started CrossFit just felt right. So I wanted to talk about some of the things I’ve learned over the years that have helped me become a better rower. First lets talk about the grip. You don’t have to have a death grip on the handle. Actually the opposite. You want a loose grip with your pinky fingers hanging off the edge. Next is your start position. Think about the start position back tight and ridged, shoulders slightly in front of your hips. Should look like the start of your deadlift. The seat should not be too close to your feet. That’s bad.

First thing that happens should be your legs and hips moving the seat back. Keeping your back strong. Then followed by your hip drive with some back opening. This will help you make sure you’re using all the muscles in you legs not only your quads. Once you have your legs full extended, hips and back open. Now it’s time to snap the arms in. The handle will slightly touch the chest and rebound back to a straight position before your back, hips, and legs start back to the catch position. You are not pausing at the chest. If your arms break to early you loss power and will fatigue real quick. Also when I say open your back it doesn’t mean lay down on the rower and pull the handle to your face. This is not a strong movement and I will laugh at you.

So in summary, starts in a good position with strong posture similar to your deadlift. Loose grip on the handle with pinky’s hanging off the ends. Legs moving followed by your hips opening. Then your back opening (not laying down) with your arms snapping in and out. Then reverse the movement back to the catch position. The whole time keeping strong posture. For further help grab me or any coach at the gym and we can take a look at your rowing for suggestions.

-Coach Wayne

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