20 Reps of Fun!

Oh the 20 Rep Max Back Squat is a doozy.   It is mentally and physically taxing but with the right approach can be very rewarding.  Some suggestions for how to pick a weight to do the 20 rep max are this

  1. Try 55% of you Max Back Squat this might not seem like enough weight but it’s for 20 continuous reps so it will still be challenging and you will have a gauge for next time
  2. Think of what you can squat 8-12 reps and then push your limits to get the last couple reps to 20 reps.
  3. These do not need to be rapid fire reps.  You want to find a nice rhythm and breath for each rep
  4. The last 6-8 reps seem nearly impossible but focus on your tension, speed, and determination
  5. Check out 2008 CrossFit Champ Jason Khalipa do a 20rep Max at 315lbs back in 2013 for a little inspiration.