Linda is a bench mark workout that is famously known as the 3 bars of death.  In tradition of CrossFit standards it is a deadlift at 1.5x body weight, bench press at body weight, and clean 3/4 body weight.   If you are lighter in weight and strong (AKA Chris Spealler) you are jumping for joy cause you are going to crush Linda.

Now if you are an athlete like me(Quinn) a little heavier you look at tomorrows bench and you realize you probably can only lift it once if all the stars aline but definitely not 50 times in an intense workout.  You can do a couple of things here: try the 2018 CrossFit Regional weights or simply pick weights that make sense for you tomorrow which your coaches will help and keep track so the next time we tackle Linda you can see how much stronger and fitter you are getting!!