CFB Game Series!


*6am, 7am, and 9am Class Cancelled Feb 11th*


Game Series!
We love to have fun at CrossFit Bear. We love to have fun so much that we have decided to start a new fun event called the CFB Game Series! The series will consist of teams of 4 members so start recruiting your team members now!

We will be having a Game Night once a month. The games will be a variety of different things such as board games, pickle ball, Kan Jam, and beach volleyball (when it gets warmer). The goal of game night is to have fun with your friends and maybe to encourage some mild trash talking which will only bond us closer together!

The Game Series will begin in March with the first game to be determined. We will have a sign-up for teams on our new Event Board at the front of the gym, more information will be coming as we get closer to our first Game Night! We will be encouraging food, beverages, and team uniforms at each Game Night Event so get as creative as desired!


  1. Can be spouses, friends, or kids
  2. Kept the entire series