My Love/Hate Relationships with Squats

My Love/Hate relationships with Squats

Over time squats have become one of my most beloved movements. Every day at Crossfit Bear there isn’t a day that passes where we’re not doing some sort of variation of the squat. Oh, and those cues you’ll hear in class – ‘weight in heels’, ‘hips back’, ‘chest up’, etc.  It is essentially the starting point or end to a majority of the all the olympic lifts, and life as we get older.

We can all benefit from the squat, however sometimes we have some limitations. These limitations come in the form of mobility and motor-control. When mobility restrictions are present, a variety of techniques can be employed to improve range of motion, including stretching, myofascial release, joint mobilizations and manual therapy aka Lindsey (magic worker). When an athlete has proper mobility but squat performance is dysfunctional, motor-control issues are present. This can be fixed by one of your coaches using verbal, visual and tactile cues.

Go out there and get to squatting! Focus on everything you’ve learned and lets get to that PERFECT squat 1 day at a time.

Contrary to belief, loading up the bar and getting some reps in a good back squat is my favorite.

P.S. – Worst part of this process is putting the weights back.

-Coach Lamar