What a Fun Workout!

What a fun workout! 19.3 starts with one of our favorite movements;  lunging!  All of our practice should help everyone cruise through with ease.  The dumbbell step ups are more of the same.

It will be wise to switch arms during the lunges and step ups to keep your arms from fatiguing.  The real workout starts with all the strict handstand push ups regardless of Rx or scaled.  It’s a workout to push your skills or push you to have a new goal- strict handstand push ups.  All you need to remember is one rep at a time chipping through as many reps as you can.  If you are good at handstand push ups it’s still 50 reps so you will want to pace out the reps in sets.  It is better to do small sets and continue to move through than to go out hot with a big set and start to fail.  Then you sprint to the finish either in the handstand walk or the bear crawl.  Post workout – I suggest spending some time stretching out your shoulders and forearms!

wayne hspu