Athlete Spotlight: Rachel Pilla

We need to give a special CFB shout-out to our favorite sprocket making Rachel! Rachel Pilla is the definition of humble, hungry, happy. Recently, Rachel has had some tough outside the gym issues but she didn’t let that get her down or even affect how she attacked those treacherous Open Workouts!

Rachel comes in consistently and does the work. She is coachable and responsive to trying different positions and drills to improve! What has really made it an easy choice to give a shout-out to Rachel has been her amazing attitude in how she attacks challenges. 19.1 was not exactly in her wheelhouse, but she didn’t complain. She didn’t give up. She showed up and gave it everything she had and cheered on those around her.

Rachel recently rehabbed a shoulder injury and she continues to show up early, do her mobility work, and be proactive about keeping her shoulders healthy. After class you can find Rachel spending time with her fellow Bears. It is because of her incredible work ethic, humble and coachable attitude, and her commitment to her classmates and community that we were ecstatic to recognize Rachel P in our Athlete Spotlight!


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