19.4 is Burpee Love!

This is right up our alley Bears!  The snatch is a moderate weight for most that you can cycle.  I would recommend doing 10 unbroken to those who are comfortable with that weight and the burpees are about staying low and limiting the time you spend turning around.

If the weight is heavier for you break it up into sets of 5 break 5 or 4, 3, 3, would be a great idea.  Then the same on the burpees its about moving the entire time. Practice how you will bring your feet in before doing the workout to make sure you find a smooth way to burpee jump and get reset to burpee again. After those speedy three rounds you get a 3 min rest.  We do intervals all the time so after the 3 minutes everyone should be ready to go!

This next couplet is a little more difficult with either bar muscle ups or pull ups and burpees again. The burpees remain the same which means keep crushing the technique you used in the first half.  For the bar muscle ups or pull ups it is based on your skill level.  It will be more effective to do small sets the entire time rather than go out with a large set and end up failing reps at the end because you are too fatigued.  If you are going for PR’s first pull-ups or bar muscle ups it is time to be excited.  Everyone loves a good Open first!!