Why CrossFit?

Today people are using social media to find not just romantic partners but also friends. Bumble now has an application for you to find friends, because apparently our world has become so void of connection that to find people who you can hang out and laugh with requires the internet and an advanced algorithm. How I’ve found my friends and built connection has been through that one hour every day where I suffer and succeed alongside these people and through that vulnerable experience have built a life-long connection much deeper than any coder could ever hope to achieve.

People often ask why CrossFit? Why is it so important to me? I have a million answers but the raw truth is that through CrossFit I have found myself. I have found my strengths, my weaknesses, my family, and the drive to achieve the life I want to create. It might sound corny, but the truth is that before CrossFit I had no idea who I was and it’s because of CrossFit that I am the person I am today.
CrossFit has taught me to be vulnerable and that it’s ok to stumble. That it is ok to be myself and be honest about my imperfections- because in those walls there is no judgment. Inside the walls of CrossFit Bear when someone shows you a weakness it’s met with encouragement, it’s met with love, and it’s met with connection. This is completely contrary to what we as a society are taught. Especially, as women. It is forbidden to show weakness, crying at work is a huge no, and it’s thought that any display of vulnerability will be your downfall. CrossFit takes that entire concept and flips it upside down.

It’s almost demanded that you be vulnerable at CrossFit- the workouts demand it. Laying everything you have physically out in front of strangers demands a certain level of vulnerability from everyone. What I find fascinating is that through that physical exertion, through that physical vulnerability what starts being built is connection.

Connection is what we as a society are lacking. We constantly feel alone and what happens in our solitude is doubt, anxiety, and withdrawal. CrossFit brings us not only physical wellness, but it creates an avenue for us to be vulnerable and build connection on a daily basis. This connection drives us as human beings and we grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through that connection to reach our full potential.

– Coach Courtney