Athlete Spotlight- ANA

Dependable, hard working, and coachable are just a couple words to describe Ana.   Ana has been at CrossFit Bear for a couple of years now and since we put the 6am class in three years ago I think Ana has only missed one.  That’s right; she starts her day, every day at the 6am class.  She has worked hard to get toes to bar and is working hard to get her pull ups!  It’s almost guaranteed you will never see a faster squat! 

Ana is the type of person that you want to surround yourself with because she is hardworking not for appearances or attentions.  She is what we talk about when we discuss being Humble at CrossFit Bear.  Her hunger for improvement is displayed every day she shows up at 6am ready to get after it, and she is always happy and smiling, even in the 4th round of Kelly at 6:45am….when most people are still asleep!

We love having Ana as a part of the FitFam because she embodies our core values and sets a great example for her fellow bears on how to show up and do the work!