Better Toe 2 Bar

You have toe to bar but you want to string them together! Instead of just swinging your legs in a big kip you are going to try to get your feet to the bar efficiently by keeping tension in the movement.

You’re going to try to focus on the control of the kip. You can do this by doing a toe to bar right into a knee lift and then try to go back into a toe to bar. This will teach you the rhythm of a toe to bar and how to keep the tension in the hollow position and arch position of the kip.

Another very easy way to help fix your kip in the toe to bar is to look straight forward. When you look up at the bar you throw off your position and end up rotating too much in your shoulders which will throw off the rhythm of the kip. It causes an arch in your torso and that breaks the tension and lever mechanism in the toe to bar.