CrossFit is amazing because it provides an amazing opportunity for all of us to try new things on a regular basis.  I had never done or heard of a Turkish Get-Up prior to CrossFit and it seems like Quinn is always coming up with new and exciting things for us to try and apply our fitness towards.  It got me thinking about other avenues of our life and are we regularly engaging in uncomfortable and challenging activities?

I believe it’s really important to always be curious and challenging ourselves.  It doesn’t have to be aggressive and crazy, it can be really simple like picking a new book that can provide you a new outlook, a new restaurant, etc.  I recently bought my first Rubik’s cube and with the help of Braxton (yes I’m not too proud to admit an 11 year old helped me immensely) started figuring out the algorithms to solve it!  This activity doesn’t require me to get off my couch but it definitely puts me in a challenging mental position and is a great challenge!

I know I sound ridiculously giddy about a Rubik’s cube which I’m sure to many of you sounds silly.  The truth is though if we aren’t growing we’re dying.  It’s an aggressive expression but it holds true in a lot of facets of life.  If we aren’t challenging our perspectives or challenging our beliefs by listening to other’s viewpoints then we can’t really wholeheartedly believe in our own.  Just as in fitness it’s important that we apply our fitness and constantly seek to find and improve on weaknesses, it’s as if not more important that we do the same in life.  

Seeking to find a weakness sounds counterintuitive I’m sure to many people as it sounds way better to just find our strengths and live by them.  However, everyone has weaknesses or areas to improve on and if we aren’t the ones to find them they’re going to come up in vulnerable and uncomfortable situations.  Constantly exposing yourself to challenges and new endeavors enables you to self-reflect and take control of your emotional, spiritual, and physical growth.

-Coach Courtney