Inspired by a 5 year old!

My niece Declyn inspired this post. Yesterday, she accomplished her last of 4 goals she had for the summer. She set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals. She even wrote them down(with help from an adult). Here they are:

– ride her bike without training wheels

-swim in the pool without swimmies

-tie her shoes

-jump off the diving board alone by the end of summer.

As kids we have such adventure and growth-mindsets. We want things and we go after them, but for some reason as we grow up we start to lose the drive. We seem to lose the interest in learning and trying new things. But what if we started to classify being too old by not trying or learning new things rather than just your age? What if the continuous growth and ability to set new goals and try new things is what kept you “young”?

I think we need to all stay young and be constantly trying and attempting new things so that we are constantly growing and challenging ourselves. If you would have seen Declyn yesterday and the joy she had when she realized that not only had she accomplished these goals- but she had such confidence and pride in herself, I wouldn’t have to convince you ever again to try new things. Let’s all take a step back from our ego and fears and use this next week to be bold!

-Coach Quinn