“The Chief”

The workout tomorrow is called The Chief and it’s a benchmark workout honoring the promotion and selection of the elite members of the United States Navy who each year are promoted to ranks of Chief Petty Officer.  This workout was originally created by CrossFit San Diego in 2008 and it’s been a classic benchmark workout since for the CrossFit community.

The Chief consists of five 3 minute AMRAPs where you will work through the following movements:

3 Power Cleans 95/135

6 Push-Ups

9 Air Squats

After the 3 minute AMRAP you will have 1 minute to rest and will continue to work through the rest of the five rounds.  This workout is really deceiving- with such low rep schemes it’s tempting to go out hard and fast and hit full send too early.  Attacking The Chief is going to take restraint and pacing.

The movements and rep schemes make it so that failing a rep in The Chief is not a huge worry.  Picking the right weight is crucial as it should be a weight that is comfortable and easily strung together.  While you may go to singles in the later rounds a good goal would be to string all three of your reps together for the power cleans during the whole workout.  

Push-ups tend not to be a fan favorite for most girls.  I’d suggest fast sets of 3s if you’re worried about the push-ups catching up to you and slowing you down in the later rounds.  If you feel really confident in the push-ups I would still suggest a comfortable pace as to keep your triceps and shoulders from blowing up.

Air Squats are easily the break in this workout and it’s important to take advantage of this time.  Steady pacing on the air squats will give you a chance to breath so keep your chest up, drive your knees out, and breath through the nine reps and give your shoulders a chance to relax before you begin your next set of power cleans.  

The goal for everyone should be to keep your rounds really consistent.  If you get 3 rounds and 6 reps in the first round you should be consistently getting 3 rounds during each 3 minutes for the entire workout.  If you have a drastic change in your rounds and reps from round 1 to round 5 you’re pacing may have gone a little out of whack.  Focus on that pace from the beginning and while you will definitely be on the floor at the end of this spicy benchmark, you’ll be really successful in getting the most out of your 19 minute workout tomorrow!

-Coach Courtney