Proud Coach Moment

In the 7am class today I challenged the athletes to make a judgement call for the workout based off their individual ability level in order to attack the workout and successfully pace it for themselves.  The goal was not to put RX on the board, or to say they lifted heavier than before, but to make improvement and work on the skill of pacing.  We did a lot of warm up rounds with specific goals to help them judge where they should be for the workout.  

The most amazing and rewarding thing as a coach is every single one of them listened and successfully completed the workout in the time domain targeted for this workout. We discussed what the next step would be for all of them when repeating the workout and the importance of keeping track of these benchmark workouts.   

I was truly excited because they listened and executed the workout perfectly and hopefully learned something about themselves and abilities from that workout with confidence.  Now next time they do this workout they will know what they could change to make it more challenging, whether that be by adding more weight, RX distance on the run, push the pace, etc.  

Thank you 7am Class for being so coachable and willing to try something even if it was for no other reason than to make me happy.  Learning can be uncomfortable, and through that discomfort growth and progress lie so thank you for embracing that discomfort and growing with me!  You guys crushed Nancy!  Great JOB!!!