Individual Push Pull

The handstand push up

Full range of motion with a handstand push-up begins in a pyramid position with the head centered on the abmat and the hands, palms down, below the head creating a pyramid base.  If you can not do strict to one mat or the floor you are missing vital strength in that position. Instead of going to the kipping handstand push up where you will be putting your body at higher risk for injury and low opportunity to gain strength do a pike hand stand push up. The pike pushup is a great movement to improve strength and full range of motion in this advanced gymnastic skill.  Utilizing a pike pushup allows athletes to have more control in the inverted position.  It also allows athletes to move quickly through an efficient movement, therefore keeping the stimulus of the workout with a high heart rate and increased tension.  With time and practice you will develop the strength needed to do strict handstand push ups.

When we work Handstand Push Ups tomorrow try to utilize full range of motion in that movement.  The stronger you get through the full range of motion the more strength you will develop and be able to utilize in other exercises.

-Coach Quinn