The October Open

The CrossFit Games announced that the fall Open will begin October 10th this year and with the Open comes Friday Night Lights, exciting PRs, outstanding performances, and a huge opportunity to put those goals and preparation to test.

Looking at the calendar we have about two months before the fall Open begins. That means that now is a great time to identify some goals and the plan to achieve them. Two months is a great time line to identify something you really want to achieve, implement a plan to achieve it, and get after it!

Goals don’t need to be in line with the CrossFit Games. Although I was also hooked to my tv and may have screamed incessantly at Mat Fraser during the last event I understand that my goals for the Open will not align with athletes at that level. Goals should be personal- it should mean something to you to achieve it. If they’re just irrelevant things you ‘kinda’ want to do you’re not going to be committed to working on it each week.

We are so excited to have a fall Open- where the weather will be warm enough to have garage doors open and enjoy fun food and community time each week with the best squad in town! Mark your calendars and start thinking about those goals and get hustling!

-Coach Courtney