Rest: Why it’s important for training?

We are always trying to squeeze out more time in our day. We spend more time training, working, driving, taking care of kids, trying to squeeze more time for a social life, etc. Yet we constantly neglect our sleep. We think we can function on 4-5 hours of sleep (for me that would be a blessing!). So we spend 2-3 hours training and almost as much time sleeping (on average) and sabotage our fitness journey. Let’s look at why sleep is important.

According to a study done by the Naval Medical Health Research Center on Special Operations, uninteresting and complex tasks are affected more seriously by sleep loss, than interesting tasks (just sit through any power point presentation!). Critical but routine tasks are often skipped, physical work feels much heavier with loss of sleep, and the ability to initiate action decreases with increasing sleep debt.

Look at those tasks and see how that affects your training. We do a lot of complex tasks when we come to the box. Think about trying to snatch, when you’ve gotten only 3 hours sleep. Now compound that with box jumps, or pistols, or muscle ups or anything else. You think you’re going to get a PR with that amount of rest? Think you will work efficiently if it was a 25 min AMRAP? Sleep helps us perform our mental and physical tasks, which are quite important.

Sleep is necessary for muscle repair! We spend hours training, doing mobility and rehab but we don’t get adequate sleep. It’s where our bodies release growth hormone to help repair our muscles after those grueling workouts. According to various experts, 7-9 hours is the wheel house, where we get the best amount of recovery and repair. Let’s look at other ways sleep is beneficial to in our fitness journey:

  • Increased energy 
  • Reduced stress
  • Better short- term memory and focus
  • Increased energy

And the most important for our fitness; manage our diets!!!!

Sleep is vital to our overall fitness and we continually highjack it with not getting enough sleep. So instead taking that 9.5” sleep killer into the bedroom, leave it downstairs, crack open a book and let that mind unplug and drift off to a deep sleep. Your body will thank you and you’ll see those PRs and gains flow.

-Coach Art