Delaware Affiliate Cup

The Delaware Affiliate Cup was a blast and we were so honored to host this awesome event and bring the CrossFit community together in Delaware for a great day of competition and fun!!! ____________________

Congratulations to @crossfitdiamondstate for taking home the trophy and for an awesome day of competition!!! ____________________

A huge thank you to @crossfitdover for getting the ball rolling with the Affiliate Cup and for their example of how the CrossFit community should be- as the first Delaware Affiliate you guys have been amazing at setting the example and leading from the front of how to create a community of awesome people!!! ___________________

To all of our happy, hungry, and humble bears who spent their Friday night and all day Saturday competing, moving equipment, judging, cleaning, and doing anything under the sun to make yesterday a success:: THANK YOU!!! It truly is amazing to get to stand beside each and every one of you and call you family- your absolutely incredible work ethic, selflessness, and integrity make all of us at @crossfitbear honored to be your coaches and your family!!! Thank you for everything you do and how you represent @crossfitbear through your humble-hungry-happy characters!!!