The Teams for the Open!

The Teams:

We will have four teams each captained by two of our awesome members!  The teams will create a team name, team mascot, and a team flag to be displayed in the gym when that team is victorious.  Team captains are responsible for recruiting and convincing members to join their team- team sign-up sheets will be posted starting Wednesday, October 2nd.  Members are welcomed to sign-up for whichever team they choose!


Team 1: Brad and Jen J

Team 2: Edgar and Rachel P

Team 3: Barbie and Melissa W

Team 4: Nino and Kenny


We have 4 categories in which athletes can earn points for their teams.  Participation, Nutrition, Team Spirit, and Bonus Points.  All teams will have a score sheet posted in the gym- it is the responsibility of each team member to update your points for each day.  Points will be totaled Monday evening and updated scores and winners will be announced that evening in the blog!  

Participation: Team members earn 2 points each for completing the Open workout prior to Monday at 8pm.

Nutrition: Team members can earn 1 point each for meeting that week’s nutrition guideline each day. So a team member who meets the daily nutrition guideline each day of the week can earn their team 7 points for the week.  With tips and tricks from Janelle!

Team Spirit: Team members participating in the weekly team spirit challenge can earn 1 point each for their team if they meet that week’s guidelines and perform the workout during Friday Night Lights.

Week 1– YAY SPORTS!- dress in your favorite sports team’s gear

Week 2– Gym Bestie-Dress the same as your gym bestie. 

Week 3– 80s Night- rock your best 80s look

Week 4– Halloween! Sport your best Halloween Costume while fitnessing!

Week 5– Team Time! Dress up in support of your team’s mascot and name!

Bonus Points: Team members can earn 1 bonus point for their team by doing the following:

– Posting a picture on Instagram of Friday Night Lights with your fitfam and doing the following:

-tagging @crossfitbear

-using #cfbopen

     2 points – maximum 1 post per member

– Bringing a Friend on Bring a Friend Day Thursdays- 5 points 

  • bringing a homemade brunch item for the NCCPD fundraiser on October 19th- maximum- 1 food item- 3 points

Next Steps: 

  1. Go to CrossFit’s website and register for the Open!  Make sure you put CrossFit Bear as your Affiliate!
  2. Sign-Up or get recruited to a team. 
  3. Have Fun!