Pressing Series

The Open presented many of us with some challenging movements that may not be in your toolbox yet.  Movements like handstand walks, handstand push-ups, and ring muscle-ups are fan favorites and everyone wants to obtain these as they not only look fun but are really fun to perform in workouts.  Heavy lifts are also movements that people want to achieve and the main piece to focus on in achieving those barbell PRs is technique.  Honing in technique, strength, and mobility can improve your overall wellness and increase your abilities in your every day life at the gym.

So how do you get those movements into your regular repertoire?  Well Quinn, Ryan, and Lindsey are hosting a three part seminar starting in November!  This seminar series focuses on each aspect of improving your gymnastics, Olympic lifts, and mobility and will be held on Saturdays at 9am!  

The first round of the three part seminar will be focusing on pressing strength in gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and the mobility to improve your positioning and performance in movements such as handstand push-ups, handstand walk, push press, split jerks, etc.  

We saw so many pressing movements in the Open this year and it’s something that Dave Castro loves to test as pressing strength is a key to fitness not only in the gym but in every day life.  If you’re wanting to improve or gain more skills and abilities signing up for the three part seminar is a great idea as the amount of knowledge, drills, and personalized attention provided at these times can greatly improve your abilities!  Sign-ups are on the bulletin board at the front of the gym!