Krirk-Good Health & Wellness Journey

We love a good health and wellness journey and have been inspired by so many of our members who have made radical life changes with us at CrossFit Bear.  Krirk started with us in August and since then not only has he drastically changed the scale but he is moving better than ever.  Krirk comes into the gym regularly and works hard, he is disciplined and coachable on improving his technique, and he adds so much positive energy to our community that we just love! 

“I was really hoping to find some before and after pictures that line up with when I started (only 4 months ago! [my 1st class was on 8/21]), but I think I was avoiding the camera because I was just embarrassed about my appearance.”

Krirk in class January 3, 2020

Krirk was kind enough to share some insight into his journey and above all else what we love about Krirk’s story is that it’s obvious how much confidence and pride he feels now that he has invested in himself and his health and wellness.  CrossFit and fitness are wonderful things if they enable you to feel better about yourself and positively impact your life.  We love that Krirk is now able to feel better, move better, and be the best version of himself because of CrossFit Bear!

“You’ve already got that message from me a few weeks ago.  I hope that this just helps to drive home that message of how much you’ve all done to help me through this!”

Krirk we are so proud of you and so inspired by your commitment and investment in creating the best life possible for yourself by improving your health and wellness.  Thank you for trusting us to support you through this journey and for choosing us day in and day out for that hour of your day to improve your health!  We love having you as part of our fitfam and love sharing your awesome story!