If you’re lucky enough to have met Cathy from our 7am class you are familiar with the way her positive outlook on life has an inspiring effect on everyone around her.  Cathy has been with us since the barn days and is always smiling and never without a kind word for her fellow bears.  We not only are blessed to have Cathy as a longstanding member of CrossFit Bear but she shared her story with us on how CrossFit Bear has played a major role in her life.

We are a fitness facility- however, what we focus on is growing and developing community.  We believe that by creating a positive community that welcomes everyone with open arms and sends the overwhelming message of “you belong here” that not only can we holistically enhance your fitness, but we can help you change your life.  Cathy shared with us some amazing insight to how CrossFit Bear’s community and coaches have helped enhance her life on a regular basis.

“I just want to thank you and your coaching staff for always helping me!  It’s been another tough year for me and I am determined not to give up and without your help and encouragement I might have.  Sometimes when I”m frustrated I’ll talk to you or Ryan and after that discussion I am so thankful for your words of encouragement.”

Cathy has battled different injuries throughout her years at CrossFit Bear just as many of us have and her work ethic, patience, and humble attitude have enabled her to overcome each of those injuries and come out on the other side stronger than before.  We know how frustrating rehabbing and modifying can be but Cathy shared her experience and how she looks at those trying times inspired us so much that we had to share!


“I modify and modify many days, actually almost every day but every once in a while I can do the entire WOD without any modifications! You have no idea how that boosts my confidence and makes me feel like I’m back in the game, even if it’s just that one day!”

We love Cathy.  Not only because she is a genuine and kind person, but because she is a great example of what a humble, hungry, happy person is and she embodies our core values at CrossFit Bear.  Thank you Cathy- thank you for choosing us here at CrossFit Bear and for sharing your story with us!  Here’s to an amazing 2020 full of growth and fun!