Steady-State Running and HIIT Have Some Serious Anti-Aging Effects

A new study discovers how your favorite form of exercise protects your cells. By ELIZABETH MILLARD DEC 5, 2018 The fountain of youth just might be filled with sweat: Certain types of exercise can help you age better, new research published in the European Heart Journal suggests. In the study, researchers enrolled 266 young, healthy… Read more »


If you’re lucky enough to have met Cathy from our 7am class you are familiar with the way her positive outlook on life has an inspiring effect on everyone around her.  Cathy has been with us since the barn days and is always smiling and never without a kind word for her fellow bears.  We… Read more »

Saturday WORKOUT!!

75 Cal Row 30 Clean & Jerks 50 Cal Row 30 Snatches 25 Cal Row 30 Clusters Cashout 400m Run *w/ Partner PF-(95/135) CP-(100/75/75) (105/175) row must be split up with partners in increments of 15 and 10s. Barbell must be split into increments of 3s Time= 25 minutes