Committed Club & Dates to Remember

March Committed Club Dates to Remember April 6th – Saturday Bring a Friend Day 7th- Sunday Crush Run 15th -Monday Last Day of Kids Class 17th -Wednesday Last Day of Teen Class 19th- Friday 6am and 8am Class Only 20th- Saturday 8am & 9am Class Only 22nd – Monday Afternoon Classes Only 26th- Friday Game… Read more »

Squatting Worth the Risk?

Don’t squat it will hurt your knees. How many times have you heard that? It sounds very similar to not getting a child vaccinated (topic for another discussion). Squatting is one of the most important exercises you can do for total body conditioning. There are so many benefits to squatting and they far outweigh the… Read more »

Pose Running

Pose Running I’ve been running distance since I was 15 years old. I never looked at my technique until a few years ago. That’s when I was introduced to Pose running. You may ask what is Pose running? The Pose Method of running consists of three elements: Pose – Fall – Pull to achieve the… Read more »

Free Day Today!

Come learn that getting fit and healthy can bring you more than just physical health! It can bring you healthy friends and a community that pushes to become the best version of yourself! All you have to do is show up everyday! Come learn how to join the fitfam!!

How to Fail a Power Clean

How to Fail a Power Clean Tomorrow you will hopefully get an opportunity to go for a new PR or get close to your previous Power Clean max. I think it’s important to note how to properly fail a power clean. What I mean by this is that there may come a time you have… Read more »

The Nerdy Side of Rowing

The rower has many tools built in to help you improve your rowing.  Change your screen to the graph setting, it will show you how you apply power and if you have a smooth pull.  It shows how you use your legs, back and arms during the drive phase of the row.  You want a… Read more »

Crush Your Run 5K

 Sign Up HERE PLACE Deer Park Tavern 108 West Main Street Newark, DE US 19711 DESCRIPTION Placers is proud to present the Orange Crush Your Run 5K! Come run through the streets of Newark with us. Upon completion of your race, Orange Crushes will be waiting for our 21 plus runners back at the famous Deer… Read more »

19.5 is HERE!

Well this one is a doozy!!! You must be the captain of pace to be successful at this workout.  It will be better to break down each set into baby sets instead of going until you get tired.  Think of the 33 as sets of 11-11-11, but if Tuesday’s 12 thrusters were challenging for you… Read more »