Where is the finish line to your workout?

Many will answer: the last rep or when the clock hits zero. Some will say when the protein goes from shaker bottle to belly.  I would claim that it is somewhere in between; after a movement based cool down. This sometimes is not the most flashy phase of the hour, but pound for pound just… Read more »

We Added a Bear!!

Courtney and I are so happy to announce that Maverick Holden Seiders entered this world today at 4:44pm weighing in at a solid 8lbs 14 ounces and 22inches long!!!!  We are both ecstatic and thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, generosity, and genuine family support through pregnancy and his eviction notice today!!!! We are… Read more »


If you’re someone who is maybe thinking of taking on a competition in the near future, whether that be in CrossFit, a 5k, a triathlon, a Spartan Race, etc, I have a great tip for you.  Focus only on what you have control of. If you do this, then I guarantee that you will have… Read more »


We have all had to deal with inflammation at some point in our lives.  Inflammation is your body protecting itself from illness, infection or injury.  The most familiar form is acute (short-term) and the classic signs of acute inflammation are usually: redness, pain, heat and swelling.  Chronic inflammation or (long term) is usually found inside the… Read more »

Saturday Team WOD

Affiliate Hundos Team of 4 12 Syncro Burpees 100 pwr clean & Jerks(75/115) 12 Sycro Burpees 100 Wallballs 12 synchro burpees 100 Pwr Snatches (55/95) Finish w/ 400m run together PF-(95/135) (75/115) CP-(105/155)(95/135) 800m run together

Increase Power in the Row

To Increase the power in your row, you must first learn to row efficiently. Rowing, just like any other movement, is a skill that needs dedicated practice time. We can break the row down into 4 pieces. The setup, the pull, the finish, and the return. If any of these 4 segments are off the… Read more »

Kettlebell Clean

1.Deadlift the kettlebell 2. Swing through legs into quick hip extension 3. Shrugging shoulders and pulling kettlebell close to body 4. Dropping elbow and pushing through kettlebell 5. Catching kettlebell in elbow pit close to the body Check out Coach Ryan performing a KB Clean in slow motion. The Kettlebell clean is one of many kettlebell movements that… Read more »

The Squats Part 2

The last two facets of the squat that we’re going to discuss in this blog are the knee and feet/stance position.  We typically can see the errors in these areas easily, however, they can tend to be the more difficult to fix as athletes become comfortable in faulty movement and stance patterns.  3. The Knees-… Read more »

The Squat Series

The squat is a common movement in CrossFit and is one that we will be seeing this week in quite a few movements!  Many people only think of a squat when we have a loaded barbell and slow heavy movement- however we see the squat dynamically in thrusters, wallballs, goblet squats, etc.  CrossFit uses squats… Read more »