Are You Contributing or Deterring?

We all have different reasons for wanting to start a workout program.  Usually it’s something like wanting to lose weight, get stronger, be healthier, and the list goes on but typically its one thing that keeps you wanting to come back again and again.   That’s a positive uplifting community!  The more encouraging and welcoming… Read more »

How do I get better at gymnastics/running?

The two most common themes I hear at the gym that people want to improve on are their gymnastics skills and their endurance abilities.  It’s not a surprise as CrossFit presents a lot of people with gymnastics challenges that look fun and are exciting to try.  Endurance while it’s not fancy makes a big difference… Read more »


Odd objects are a great way to apply your fitness and test out your abilities to move efficiently and functionally off-balance!  Tomorrow we are utilizing kettlebells which are great objects to utilize in other ways than just kettlebell swings and goblet squats.  We will be running with the kettlebell and working on kettlebell ground to… Read more »


June 24th-Monday – Start of Kids & Teens 2nd summer session 30th- Sunday Funday at CrossFit Dover 10am July 4th- Thursday Gym Closed at home WOD 5th- Friday No CrossFit Kids or Teens 13th- Saturday Spartan Race 20th-Saturday Beach Day – Game Series -Beach Volleyball

Gym Closed

Enjoy the nice weather with a 7k Trail run or 5x4min max meters w/ 1min rest b/t reps

What is a Chipper?

What is a chipper?  A chipper is a workout where you’re working on one movement for a set number of reps before you move onto the next movement.  Chippers tend to be long grinding workouts with high volume repetitions, and we find you either love them or you hate them!  Why you should love them? … Read more »

Why is group fitness so benefiting?

1. Motivation There’s nothing better than stepping into the gym and having 10-15 other people all working towards the same goal together. It’s extremely motivating and inspiring to surround yourself by like-minded individuals who are all trying to better themselves. Group fitness is a great way to get yourself out of a workout rut and… Read more »

Social Media

The ease of social media these days makes it beyond easy and almost addicting to compare ourselves to others. It’s mindless scrolling where we see all these “perfect” outfits, physiques, lives, kitchens, and everything you can think of. This comparison sickness can spread itself to all areas of our lives if we let it, even… Read more »

Professor Tim Noakes

CrossFit HQ recently posted a video by Dr. Tim Noakes who gives a speech about his research on character, self-belief and the search for perfection. He discusses how teams or athletes can literally will themselves to win or lose in sport or even in life. He states that if your brain is saying the other… Read more »

Post workout recovery

What you do right after a workout can dictate how you feel for the remainder of your day. Working out at high intensities is great for your body, but what also happens is that those high intensities cause our bodies to have a sympathetic response. For example, a workout like Fran that is 3-5 minutes… Read more »