Forced Goat

Forced Goat. GOAT is something that is challenging or that you need work on in the CrossFit world. Tomorrow’s workout we will be working on balance and control upside down. This will help with understanding active shoulders and overall coordination. The second minute is a single heavy deadlift. The real focus here is learning how… Read more »

Having a Better Front Squat

Having a better Front Squat Step one -work on a better Air Squat. This is by far the most important part of getting a heavy back squat/ Front squat/ and Overhead Squat. Step two- Warming up and getting loose in those joints after a night of sleep or long day at work. Step three- thoracic… Read more »

The Dip

A strong Push Jerk starts with the dip position. When dipping in the push jerk your elbows need to drive straight up from wherever they start.  Each athlete may have preferences and differences in technique that are not necessarily right or wrong when it comes to the start position of your elbows. If you were… Read more »

Are You Getting ZZZ’s?

Sleep is something that in our culture has been glorified when we sacrifice it and throw it to the wind. We pride ourselves on operating on lack of sleep and on burning the midnight oil. While this has been the pulse of our society for quite some time we feel it’s time to change that… Read more »


Come give your version of Godzilla a try! Here is Mat Fraser back in 2013 absolutely crushing this workout!

Oh Snap Kenny!

At CrossFit Bear we have this shnazzy little thing called ‘The Committed Club”.  It’s really simple- when your attendance per month is at 19 workouts or more you’re in the club.  It’s a very straightforward way of bragging about our amazing bears who show up no matter what and keep it consistent! If you haven’t… Read more »

Quinn’s 2019 Goals

Quinn’s 2019 Goals Specific CrossFit Goals for 2019 – Rehab my shoulder and get back to doing movements over my head in a workout by August 2019 After going through gymnastics strength cycles attempting – Strict Muscle up – Strict HSPU Outside of the gym – Mostly Habits – Make time for a hobby like… Read more »

Willpower Muscle?

“As people strengthened their willpower muscles in one part of their lives—in the gym, or a money management program—that strength spilled over into what they ate or how hard they worked. Once willpower became stronger, it touched everything.” – Charles Duhigg Being a member at a gym not only gives you a healthy outlet but it also strengthens… Read more »

Your Feet are Important!!

Your feet are important! Standing, walking, running, gymnastics, weightlifting regardless of what you are doing your feet are an important component. They play a part in each of these movements because they are the first thing that needs to develop the tension or the last to show you are keeping the tension throughout your body…. Read more »

Coach Courtney’s 2019 Goals

I like lists. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to see my work desk and the mess that it is you would see that scattered all over it are various lists. Writing this blog post and having to make sure it wasn’t 50 pages long meant having to revise an insane amount of lists. My… Read more »