Septembers Committed Club!

The first week of the Open is next week and all points will start on Monday. The first weeks Nutrition challenge is to have protein at every meal. The protein should be about the size of your fist. Janelle will be giving some tips and tricks to help achieve success in each weeks challenge.

For Sammy

It is with a heavy heart that I am informing you that last Saturday night, my “little buddy” Sam, lost his father in a tragic car accident. During this tough and trialing time, all your thoughts and prayers have been appreciated. One of the mothers from Sam’s school has set up a “go fund me”… Read more »

The Teams for the Open!

The Teams: We will have four teams each captained by two of our awesome members!  The teams will create a team name, team mascot, and a team flag to be displayed in the gym when that team is victorious.  Team captains are responsible for recruiting and convincing members to join their team- team sign-up sheets… Read more »

Delaware Affiliate Cup

The Delaware Affiliate Cup was a blast and we were so honored to host this awesome event and bring the CrossFit community together in Delaware for a great day of competition and fun!!! ____________________ Congratulations to @crossfitdiamondstate for taking home the trophy and for an awesome day of competition!!! ____________________ A huge thank you to @crossfitdover for getting the… Read more »

Affiliate Cup

Gym Closed for Affiliate cup

Affiliate Cup

We are so excited to be hosting the Delaware Affiliate Cup for the first time ever at CrossFit Bear! Due to the fact that we have to be setting up Friday evening we will not be having the 6pm class. We will have a short judges meeting at 5:30pm to go over standards for each… Read more »

The Snatch Balance

The snatch balance is a dynamic movement that helps develop speed, timing, and accuracy for the squat snatch. It is more difficult than the overhead squat because it requires a strong and braced catch position in the bottom of your overhead squat. Tomorrow it is better to go lighter and work on speed and the… Read more »