Wrist Strength

Wrist Strength You can develop it a number of different ways but what i want to focus on today is through gymnastic Wrist push ups and bounds. While your wrist and forearms are probably not something you show off they are typically the most visible and play a large role in CrossFit. Stronger wrists mean… Read more »

Is Crossfit Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Crossfit Safe During Pregnancy? The Crossfit community is seeing more women pregnant and continuing Crossfit.   We have top athletes like Stacie Tovar and Kara Saunders that are currently pregnant as well as our very own Courtney Seiders- all that were doing Crossfit before getting pregnant and are currently continuing with it.  Being pregnant should… Read more »

Events Coming Up!

Friday Night we will finish up an amazing CrossFit Open season and start our Game Night series.  The games will start around 7pm!  We are playing corn hole!  If anyone has some corn hole sets they would like to share for Friday that would be great! We are also thinking of collecting $5 for food… Read more »

Why are Scales Important (its not what you think)

Why are scales important. Gymnastic scales are a great way to develop balance and body awareness. It shows strength, flexibility, and balance of the thoracic spine, core, and limbs. While they aren’t the most complicated move we have learned in CrossFit they are very beneficial in overall health. As we grow older or even to… Read more »

19.4 is Burpee Love!

This is right up our alley Bears!  The snatch is a moderate weight for most that you can cycle.  I would recommend doing 10 unbroken to those who are comfortable with that weight and the burpees are about staying low and limiting the time you spend turning around. If the weight is heavier for you… Read more »

Athlete Spotlight: Rachel Pilla

We need to give a special CFB shout-out to our favorite sprocket making Rachel! Rachel Pilla is the definition of humble, hungry, happy. Recently, Rachel has had some tough outside the gym issues but she didn’t let that get her down or even affect how she attacked those treacherous Open Workouts! Rachel comes in consistently… Read more »

What Bar is Best?

Barbells The Barbell is one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to strength training. There are different types of barbells and it depends on what lifts or movements you will do to determine what is best for you. They come in different lengths, diameters, strengths, and surfaces. You can choose one… Read more »

Olympic Lifting Simplified

Olympic Lifting Simplified How to get the most power from a pull. Let’s paint a picture for you for a second and then we will come back to Olympic lifting. You are pulling your friend in a wagon with a rope and the wagon gets stuck in some mud. You being the strong CrossFitter you… Read more »

Endearing, Enduring, and Defining

What makes CrossFit so special? People all around the world who aren’t accustomed to the box life ask this question every single day. What is it about performing functional movements at high intensity that causes people to be so passionate with making major life style changes? The answer is simple, CrossFit is endearing, enduring, and… Read more »