CrossFit is amazing because it provides an amazing opportunity for all of us to try new things on a regular basis.  I had never done or heard of a Turkish Get-Up prior to CrossFit and it seems like Quinn is always coming up with new and exciting things for us to try and apply our fitness… Read more »

Humble. Hungry. Happy

CrossFit is about health. Health comes in all forms such as physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, etc. All we want at CrossFit Bear is to give you the best hour of your day where you can focus on improving every area of your health and wellness! The time to focus on you and your health in… Read more »

Bad Adventures!

Are you or any of your friends looking for an adventure vacation?  Test your fitness in a new way with views and experiences that will last a lifetime.  My friend Matt Stan started an adventure travel business with planned trips to amazing places. Check on his website for upcoming trips and share with your friends… Read more »

Farewell Janelle

Janelle is moving with her family out to Montana this week and we are excited and yet very sad and will be missing her and the Bowman boys so much! Janelle has been with us for almost 5 years at CrossFit Bear! Janelle started with us as a member and then moved into a coaching… Read more »

BulletProof Stack

When you look at tomorrow’s workout don’t be overwhelmed by the rep scheme! While it does look like a lot this is a great time to practice making that plan and attacking the workout systematically! Let’s start with the 50 Push Jerks. The key to this workout is picking the right weight for the stimulus…. Read more »

Committed Club!

We love honoring our Committed Club! It’s not only because we love bragging about our really disciplined and amazing members, but truly we as coaches love seeing everyone’s face at the gym each day! Many people when you tell them about CrossFit think of it as just a gym- and that is a huge misconception!… Read more »

Tire Flip

Start with your feet shoulder width apart and about a foot away from the tire.  With your back flat lower down and press your chest into the tire and find a good grip under the tire.  You should be in a strong deadlift position.  This deadlift position provides you the most potential power to lift. … Read more »