The October Open

The CrossFit Games announced that the fall Open will begin October 10th this year and with the Open comes Friday Night Lights, exciting PRs, outstanding performances, and a huge opportunity to put those goals and preparation to test. Looking at the calendar we have about two months before the fall Open begins. That means that… Read more »

2019 CrossFit Games!

The winners of the 2019 CrossFit Games are both humble and extremely hard working individuals. For another year we celebrate Tia- Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser as fittest in the world!

Push Jerk

Tomorrow we are doing push jerks as a strength movement.  Then we will be getting a little lighter and doing the same movement in the workout.  When doing both the heavy and the lighter push jerk you want to focus on where the power source comes from.  Performing the push jerk the extension and the… Read more »


The Deadlift

The deadlift.  It seems like the most simple movement as it at its core is essentially picking something up and standing back up.  However, the deadlift is one of CrossFit and Weightlifting’s most important movements as it is the basis for all of our Olympic lifts.  If performed incorrectly it can have major health implications… Read more »

How Do I Watch the CrossFit Games?

We have the answer!! You can watch it at Morning Chalk Up. You can also catch updates and behind the scene stuff at: @ TeamRICHEY @ Buttery Bros

The Snatch-2nd Pull

The Snatch.  The most complex of the lifts, the unicorn of the CrossFit world. Athletes around the world spend countless hours to perfect this lift; drilling various positions, working the overhead squat, etc.  The first pull in the snatch, no one has a problem getting the weight off the floor (see Deadlift), but once the… Read more »

Grab Your Bestie!!

Tomorrows workout is a partner workout! For a little encouragement and inspiration just out the games athletes complete Heavy DT at the games.