Tia-Clair Toomey

CrossFit Superstar!! Tia-Clair Toomey!

What a Fun Workout!

What a fun workout! 19.3 starts with one of our favorite movements;  lunging!  All of our practice should help everyone cruise through with ease.  The dumbbell step ups are more of the same. It will be wise to switch arms during the lunges and step ups to keep your arms from fatiguing.  The real workout… Read more »

Something to think about

Something to think about I recently read an article about using your time wisely. I think it was interesting in the way they broke it down. They broke it down into 100 ten minute squares. Which assumes 8 hours of sleep at night that is not included in the squares. The exercise is taking a… Read more »

Guys This is Important!

Coaches favorite TV shows when they were growing up? Quinn 1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air 2. In Living Color 3. Saved by the Bell 4. All That 5. Full House Courtney 1. Gilmore Girls 2. Golden Girls 3. Walker Texas Ranger 4. All That 5. Full House Ashlee 1. Hanging with Mr. Cooper 2…. Read more »

My Love/Hate Relationships with Squats

My Love/Hate relationships with Squats Over time squats have become one of my most beloved movements. Every day at Crossfit Bear there isn’t a day that passes where we’re not doing some sort of variation of the squat. Oh, and those cues you’ll hear in class – ‘weight in heels’, ‘hips back’, ‘chest up’, etc. … Read more »

My First Time Trying CrossFit.

My first time trying CrossFit. My story about my first experience with CrossFit probably sounds really similar to many of yours. It was 2012 and I had started running Spartan races with my friends and riding my bike to prepare for Bike to the Bay. I was working out at a local gym doing the… Read more »

Its a Repeat!!

Tomorrow’s workout 19.2 is a repeat workout with toes to bar, Double Unders, and squat cleans.  While the squat clean weight increases the most important part of this workout is pacing.  Your grip strength will get fatigued very quickly with the toe 2 bar.  I would recommend breaking it up in quick sets of 5… Read more »

Fast Elbows!

While there is a list of things you could work on to improve your power clean or any other lift something that tends to get yelled out but very rarely addressed is your elbow speed. We have all heard someone scream FAST ELBOWS!! That is a great cue, but needs to be followed up by… Read more »

How do we get better at handstands?

To a gymnast, flipping upside down into a handstand may seem like basic stuff. But for the average gym goer, this movement can be a big challenge. The handstand takes a great deal of strength, balance, and stability. Which is why for many of us, we need to practice walking before we run. How do… Read more »