Spine Health Mobility Seminar!

⏩Learn the basics regarding how to keep your spine healthy for CrossFit ⏩Practice mobility exercises for neck, midback, and low back pain prevention ⏩Review the top strengthening exercise for neck, midback, and low back pain prevention  Date ⏩ July 26, 2019Costs⏩ $10 cash Time & place⏩ 5:30-6pm @ crossfitbear Host ⏩ drivePT

Beyond Filling the Hour!

When coaches at CrossFit Bear take you through the warm-up it is not to just fill the hour.   It is to mentally and physically prepare you for the workout.  Our warm-up routine has three key parts; the general warm-up, specific warm-up, and skill for workout.   The focus during the general warm-up is mostly… Read more »

Training specific time domains for specific results

We are all athletes, and as athletes, we should have some specific performance goals for ourselves. I feel performance goals are extremely important for training in the sense that they keep us striving to get better. Without them, it is easy to fall into the routine of just going through the motions.  With saying that,… Read more »

My Fit Family

When people join our gym I don’t think they know what’s in store for them in regards to community. Yeah they see the workouts on the boards and they know they’ll get fit. They see the pictures on the wall as they walk out to the gym. They hear the stories of all the fun… Read more »

Individual Push Pull

The handstand push up Full range of motion with a handstand push-up begins in a pyramid position with the head centered on the abmat and the hands, palms down, below the head creating a pyramid base.  If you can not do strict to one mat or the floor you are missing vital strength in that… Read more »

It’s Hot!

It’s hot!  The reality of the heat I’m sure has set in for everyone, but are you doing everything you can to protect yourself from dehydration?   The first is obvious- drink water.  I don’t mean just guzzle two bottles of water before you come to the gym.  I mean be consuming water all day. … Read more »

Pregnant Body

When you become pregnant your body knows just what to do and shifts its focus to taking care of baby.  However, your mind is still adjusting to the fact that you’re about to be a parent and for me the hardest thing was adjusting that focus and coming to terms emotionally with how that affected… Read more »

Proud Coach Moment

In the 7am class today I challenged the athletes to make a judgement call for the workout based off their individual ability level in order to attack the workout and successfully pace it for themselves.  The goal was not to put RX on the board, or to say they lifted heavier than before, but to… Read more »