Exercise When Sick?

With all the sickness floating around check out this poster Precision Nutrition put out.

Arts Goals for 2019

Art keeping it short and sweet. Goals for 2019 CF Level 2 certification CF Striking certification CF LEO application course  

19.1 is HERE!! Tips

19.1   Here’s the key to 19.1- I’m going to give you the best secret there is so pay attention.   The best advice you could ever receive when you attack 19.1 is….   Keep the crazy at home.   I’m serious- this is a simple workout.  I said, simple- not, easy.  It’s a basic… Read more »

The Open is HERE!

The open is finally here! It’s one of the most exciting times of the year along with Christmas. The Open to me is where you test yourself and fitness. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the workouts RX or scaled. The open simply helps you overcome those fears and doubts. There will be cheering, drinks,… Read more »

The Lunch Box

Hey everyone great news!! We will now be a pick-up location for The Box Lunch meal service.   You can set up an account online at their website and they will drop off  your meals at CrossFit Bear.  It is a great option for those tough late nights or just to have a great protein and… Read more »

Ryan’s 2019 Goals

  Personal Goals -write or read 20 minutes every morning -eat dinner with my family at least 2 times a week -take a cold shower 3 times a week Crossfit Goals -obtain level 2 -read 1 CrossFit journal article a day to prep for my level 3 – create a CrossFit Bear extra work/ gymnastics… Read more »

Events Coming Up at CrossFit Bear

Events Coming Up at CrossFit Bear 1. CrossFit Open – Next 5 Fridays 2. CrossFit Kids Movie Night- February 22nd 3. Squat Seminar Hosted by DrivePT- February 23rd 4. Game Series with teams of four 5. Crush Run 5K- April 7th 6. Spartan Race – July 13th or September 21st *Sign up on the clipboards… Read more »

Age is just a number!

Lifetime goals- to continue to workout well into my 80’s and 90’s