Own Your Progress

If I modify a workout, I’m cheating. I’m taking the easy road out. I wont get a good workout in. To be blunt the response to this type of thinking is just, NO!! If you think that way you are missing a very big point. Well I saw an athlete on instagram or so and… Read more »

Gymnastics WOD

Gymnastics WOD Tomorrow is all about gymnastics.  A pistol, handstand push up, and L-Sit for the workout.  While it is easy to blow through the workout to get the reps done I would say resist the urge for a good score and focus on the basics.  If you can perfect some of the positions for… Read more »

A Little About Lamar

1.What is your favorite book to read? Wright Love Wrong Time by Shana 2.What makes you laugh the most? Anything with funny animal voice overs 🙂 3.What would you sing at Karaoke night? Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles 4.If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? Senior of high… Read more »


Rowing- Getting the pattern right. We go over rowing a lot here at CrossFit Bear and for good reason, done correctly it is a very effective way to increase body awareness and efficiency during workouts. It starts with the catch position- The key here is making sure your shoulders are in front of your hips… Read more »

The Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing You walk in the gym and you know the workout involves kettlebell swings and you say to yourself, “Those things are easy!”. Then you get half-way into the workout and start wondering why your lungs and shoulders are on fire and how can you make it stop! The answer is to make… Read more »

New Year Resolution or Build a Habit? 

New Year Resolution or Build a Habit?  This time of year I hear people talking about their New Year’s resolutions constantly.  It’s as if as soon as January 1st hits they will change everything and become a new shiny person.  I think that is a wonderfully optimistic thought, but I think we have the incorrect… Read more »

Neck Position in Deadlift

Neck Position in Deadlift We are deadlifting tomorrow!!! We will be doing 5×5 and increasing weight through each set. That means they are touch and go heavy reps which are going to take control and bracing to remain effective in all the lifts as they get heavier. Neck Position What I would like to point… Read more »

Finer Details of the Overhead Squat

Finer Details of the Overhead Squat Wrist Position The wrist position in the OHS is slightly extended.  Which means you want your thumb and fingers to make a J cup position.  If your wrists are too straight up and down it will put a lot of pressure on your thumb; and if your wrist is… Read more »

A Little About Ryan

A Little About Ryan 1. What’s Something I Would Never Guess About You? it may be hard to believe.. but I can be pretty athletic every once in a while 2. What Is Your Most Unusual Talent? I am extremely good at remembering song lyrics and movie quotes, hence why I am always singing (not… Read more »

But I just want to sit…

But I just want to sit.. If you have noticed tomorrow’s workout is 3rds of a 5min AMRAP row, run, ski erg, or bike on a machine.  With a 5min active rest between each cycle.  What do I mean by an active recovery?  I mean you will be jogging or walking the entire 5 minutes. … Read more »