Why is Nicole- Nicole?

“Nicole,” one of CrossFit’s classic “Girls” workouts. The workout, first posted on the CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day for Monday, December 11, 2006 (061211), is named for Nicole Carroll, one of the early members of CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman’s, original CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz, CA. Carroll later became CrossFit‘s Director… Read more »

What is CrossFit?

Have you ever talked to someone and they asked you, “Hey what’s CrossFit?” You might have sat there for a minute trying to think, “How do I explain CrossFit?” Maybe this will help you next time someone asks. So, the way I would explain CrossFit to someone is this. We use practical, effective, and efficient… Read more »

Glute Ham Developer

The Glute Ham Developer aka GHD machine is another tool in strengthening our midline stabilization. There are several movements that help with body awareness, body control, communication through flexion and extension as well as allowing athletes to train without an external load. The athlete can focus on opening hips, driving from glutes and hamstrings or… Read more »


“Make sure you hook grip!”

“Make sure you hook grip!” Something you’ve probably heard every coach at Crossfit Bear say at least 100 times. For those of us who don’t know, the hook grip is when an athlete wraps their thumb around the bar then wraps the rest of their hand and fingers around their thumb, creating a hook! This… Read more »

In House- Heat Schedule!!

WOD 1  HEAT 1 Courtney Lea Melissa Lindsey Chelsea Lauren Tara Tina Melissa Molly Paige  Kelsey 8:25-8:33   WOD 1 HEAT 2 Wayne Anthony Mike Kenny Lamar Ryan James Edgar Spencer Armando Tom  Jeff 8:38-8:46   WOD 1 HEAT 3 8:51-8:59   WOD 2 HEAT 1 Courtney Lea Melissa Lindsey Chelsea Lauren Tara Tina Melissa… Read more »

Newest Intern

If you don’t no James don’t worry you will get too! He is the definition of Humble, Hungry, and Happy and we are all very excited to welcome him to CrossFit Bear in his new role. April Committed Club Lee Morris 24 Wayne Wilson 22 Maria Emerson 21 Spencer Irwin 21 Catherine Mills 21 Kenny… Read more »

The Mind Game- Part 3

Mental Toughness So now you are in the thick of a workout- you have a positive outlook on the WOD, you were mentally prepared and focused but now you are tired and still have 2 rounds left. That’s when mental toughness or Concentration steps in. It’s time to concentrate on the task ahead- not the… Read more »