Fitness Classes

Bear Fitness uses  a training system based on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. The workout changes every day to keep your workout fun and exciting, but also to keep your body responding to the workout.

Each class lasts one hour and includes a warm-up, a skill or strength component, a metabolic conditioning (metcon) workout and a cool-down. You will be coached throughout each portion so you are never on your own. Each workout can be modified to fit your current experience level.


Classes focus on a well rounded workout. Workouts include the daily metcon, weightlifting and skill work. The metcon will bring conditioning that achieves noticeable results. Weightlifting will make you stronger and more lean. Skill work will focus on a movement you might not try on your own. Classes also allow for a fun environment. Here you will work with other like minded members who will push you to be better, cheering you on along the way.


Bear Fitness will allow you to meet your goals of fitness. Trying something new, losing weight and gaining muscle are all possible at Bear Fitness! The coach led classes will give you the daily structure and accountability to keep Bear a part of your fitness journey. The group classes will keep you encouraged and ready for the next workout.


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