Nutrition Coaching

Consistent exercise without proper nutrition is one of the leading reasons many people fail to reach their fitness goals.  Without proper nutrition, you aren’t fueling your body correctly for the changes you’re working towards.

Our nutrition programs will help you achieve your goals through behavioral change to create habits that will last a LIFETIME – not short-term results that will quickly fade.


Are you looking to lose weight? Gain muscle mass? Get lean & shredded?  We can create a nutrition plan that works with your unique body chemistry to help you achieve the results you’ve been wanting.


  • Food Log & Macro Review – $50

    In this 30m session we’ll review your 7 day food log, current nutrition habits, and your short term goals. You will be provided with a personalized plan including daily calorie, protein, fat & carbohydrate targets chosen to meet your short term goal. Great for people who are experienced with macro tracking and are self-motivated!

  • Nutrition Coaching Consultation – $85

    This 60m session is REQUIRED for all monthly coaching clients.  We’ll review your intake forms, take body composition measurements, answer questions, and begin your customized nutrition program based on your short AND long term goals. Optimal food choices, portion sizes, macros & micros will be covered!

  • Monthly Nutrition Coaching – $100/mo

    Monthly coaching provides personalized support & accountability. Clients will receive daily calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate targets tailored to help you meet your specific goals. You will also receive detailed recommendations on nutrient timing, hydration, and supplements. You will be given an online tracker for daily reporting, plus receive weekly email or phone check-in’s directly with your coach! Program adjustments are made according to feedback and progress, and body composition tests will be completed every 8-12 weeks.


Interested in more Information?

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