Personal Training

We realize that group-based fitness classes aren’t for everyone, and that sometimes we all need a little extra help.  Our personal training program is designed to give you a 1-on-1 setting where we work alongside you to help you reach your fitness goals.

Each training session can last 30-60 minutes and is taught by 1 coach. Each client will be provided with individualized workouts for the allotted time committed by the client and coach, and will be tailored to the fitness level of the client.


While it may be beneficial to have a 1-time personal training session, we’ve found that the most successful route is signing up for weekly recurring sessions.  This gives you accountability and continual refinement of your program as you progress towards it during the rest of the week.  Each session is to be paid for and scheduled with the coach ahead of time.


Are you looking to lose weight faster?  Do you want your first pull-up or muscle-up?  Are you struggling with some of your weightlifting technique? Or maybe you just prefer a 1-on-1 coaching environment.  No matter what reason, or what goal, you’ll get a program that has been customized to fit your needs and goals.


60m Sessions
(Sold in Pack of 3)
per hour
Sold in Pack of 3 Sessions
Sessions Scheduled Individually
Purchase More Upfront for discount
30m Sessions
(Sold in Pack of 5)
per hour
Sold in Pack of 5 Sessions
Paid Up Front
Sessions Scheduled Individually
Online Programming
Per Month
$25 a month
Workouts tailored to your needs and time without leaving your home