Training for Tomorrow

Create the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted, by surrounding yourself with encouragement, accountability, and daily habits that contribute to your health and fitness goals.

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Set Yourself Up For Success

It’s easier to make changes to your life when you stack the odds in your favor.


Stop doing the same exact routine at the gym - our workouts are fun, change every day and can be scaled up or down to fit your needs.


Eating healthier doesn’t have to mean eating boring meals - we’ll help you learn the kinds of foods to eat (and avoid) so you can fuel your transformation.


Don’t wait for a workout partner - here at CrossFit Bear you’ll be surrounded by people that want to know you, encourage you, and celebrate your successes.


You aren’t alone in your journey - we’re here to remind you of your goals and to help you through any hurdles that come up along the way.

Find Your Own Path to Fitness

We realize that everyone has different preferences - so we have a variety of programs to help.

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Celebrate Your Successes

Many of our members notice increased strength & confidence both inside and outside the gym.

I came in intimidated by the CrossFit name. Now a year later it’s my “happy hour.” The coaches and the community at CrossFit Bear are top notch.

- Katie Y.

I decided to give CrossFit a try a few months ago to reach a specific training goal that I have. I would recommend this gym to anyone and everyone. The facility, coaches, and athletes couldn’t be better. I look forward to working out every day!

- CB

I am approaching a year a lot CrossFit Bear and can say that joining has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. They foster an incredible community where every person supports one another.

- Lea W.

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