Delaware Affiliate Cup

We are hosting the Delaware Affiliate Cup September 28th if you are interested in being on a team or volunteering in some capacity please talk to one of the coaches! – 3 workouts- No Final – Cost per team is $120– One Coach per a team – Teams of 4 (2 girls/ 2 guys)– Scaled… Read more »

Squat Clean- 2nd pull

When interested in better performance of the clean, a great place to narrow our focus is the second pull phase and the catch phase. Now while there are other elements of a successful lift, these two parts can make or break it. The second pull is the start of the explosive part of the movement,… Read more »

Healthy Fats and Why We Need Them

Nutrition is at the foundation of everything we do when it come to our health. It’s at the very base of the pyramid when we talk about Crossfit. The same goes for LIFE. Fat is essential for the digestion, absorption and transportation of vitamins. There are plenty of studies and research surrounding fats. Yes –… Read more »

Happy Labor Day!

Gym Closed! Enjoy the great outdoors!

Saturday WOD

8am and 9am Workout Monday we will be closed!

The Importance of Gymnastic tension in the muscle up.

Technique drills to improve . One of the most important elements in any gymnastics movement is body tension or simply said “body tightness”. Have you ever tried to pick someone up that has a loose body?   A friend who may have drank a little bit too much? It’s hard because their body lacks tension…. Read more »