How do you recharge or connect?

The weekend is a great time to recharge or connect with friends, family, kids, and pets! Maybe you go out to eat, workout, make breakfast together, go shopping, read, go for a walk, etc. What are you doing this weekend to recharge and connect? Tag @CrossFitBear with your adventures!

Better Toe 2 Bar

You have toe to bar but you want to string them together! Instead of just swinging your legs in a big kip you are going to try to get your feet to the bar efficiently by keeping tension in the movement. You’re going to try to focus on the control of the kip. You can… Read more »

Athlete Spotlight- ANA

Dependable, hard working, and coachable are just a couple words to describe Ana.   Ana has been at CrossFit Bear for a couple of years now and since we put the 6am class in three years ago I think Ana has only missed one.  That’s right; she starts her day, every day at the 6am… Read more »

Prepare yourselves, Murph is coming.

Prepare yourselves, Murph is coming. Do thoughts of performing 200 pushups keep you up at night? For most of us, when we see a workout with pushups in it, we normally think to ourselves… “how long can I go before I have to do singles?”! Push-ups can be extremely daunting. Especially when they are put… Read more »

Why CrossFit?

Today people are using social media to find not just romantic partners but also friends. Bumble now has an application for you to find friends, because apparently our world has become so void of connection that to find people who you can hang out and laugh with requires the internet and an advanced algorithm. How… Read more »

Are you a faucet or a drain?

Are you a faucet or a drain? If you are a drain you drain the energy out of people. You consistently need persuading and enthusiasm to motivate or encourage you to keep going. If you are a faucet you have a consistent flow of positive energy and motivation that you can easily spread to others…. Read more »

So You Want to Erg?

So You Want to Erg?  I want to share a few techniques with the ski erg that you could use depending on your goal. Are you trying to use the ski erg to become a better Nordic cross country skier? Are you just trying to get a good cardio workout? Use it for a solid… Read more »