20 Reps of Fun!

Oh the 20 Rep Max Back Squat is a doozy.   It is mentally and physically taxing but with the right approach can be very rewarding.  Some suggestions for how to pick a weight to do the 20 rep max are this Try 55% of you Max Back Squat this might not seem like enough weight… Read more »

Row, Row, Row your boat!

Row, Row, Row your boat! Let’s talk about rowing. As you know I love to row. It’s not because I’m 6’3” well mostly not because I’m 6’3”. It was one of the movements that when I started CrossFit just felt right. So I wanted to talk about some of the things I’ve learned over the… Read more »

Hone in on Technique

Let’s dive into why CrossFit works. CrossFit hones in on technique and efficiency and then uses that technique to enable athletes to push intensity. Intensity is the key. When athletes understand how to move correctly then they can push intensity and the magic in the CrossFit methodology is intensity. Why athletes get fitter, why people… Read more »

PR Your Squat

Hey CrossFit Bear FitFam! Do you have trouble getting into the front rack position? Do you have problems reaching full squat depth? Do your ankles, hips, or wrists constantly feel tight or restricted?   If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the 30 minute seminar for you! WHAT: 30 min… Read more »

What is this posterior chain you speak of?

What is this posterior chain you speak of? The posterior chain consists of a system that comprise all the muscles on your back side. For a quick nerd moment here are some of them: * Multifidus (spine support) * Erector Spinae (back and spinal extension) * Gluteal Muscles (hip extensors, femoral rotation) * Hamstring Muscles… Read more »

2019 CrossFit Game

I hope everyone is ready!  The CrossFit Open is happening again this year!   February 21 – March 25th.  We will have the workouts programmed on every Friday at CrossFit Bear with sheets for the afternoon hours. If you aren’t sure what the CrossFit Open is it’s a five week long online competition.  They provide… Read more »

Kids Movie Night!

All Kids are welcome to join us for a Movie Night and Pizza Party! When: Friday February 22nd at 7pm! Where: In the warehouse- bring a pillow! *Parent feel free to stay and watch or play games (taboo, charades, etc.)-The pizza is for the kids*  Please sign up at the front desk so we can… Read more »

Static Holds

Static holds helps increase muscular endurance, strength, toning, and are important when trying to gain higher level skills.  It builds muscle without building bulky muscle which could get in the way of flexibility and inhibit gymnastic skills.  The muscle endurance of static training will fatigue you faster because of the strain on the central nervous… Read more »

CrossFit Total

The CrossFit Total is a an amazing opportunity to use all the technique and cues your coaches have given you this week to good use. This week we cue the squat and the activation of your core stabilizers to help you move large loads. A few things to keep in mind for tomorrow to have… Read more »

Functional Fitness

Copperhead CrossFit made an amazing video about functional fitness that has been floating around the internet recently and I think it is the most relevant CrossFit or functional videos made.  This video shows practical use for everything we do in the gym and is a great video to show friends who might be intimidated by… Read more »